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Justin Bieber Conquers His Latest Challenge: Rubik's Cube

Author:China Magic Cube Time:2010/12/27

A few days back, a fun little video hit the Internet. In a two-minute clip of a Spanish talk show, Justin Bieber proves he's a secret genius. Not that we ever doubted Bieber's intellectual capabilities, but we have to say that watching Bieber solve a Rubik's cube in about minute has proved that there's a lot more going on inside Bieber's perfectly coiffed head than we could have ever imagined.

Bieber pays no attention to the show's host as he counts down to one and then focuses solely on the task at hand, fingers flying about as he moves the pieces of the cube. Without flinching or second-guessing himself, he lines up the colors perfectly and proudly displays his accomplishment for the (mostly female) studio audience to observe. After exchanging a high five, Bieber gives the cube to a lucky fan in the audience.

We're impressed by Bieber's skills, even more so because it's to be noted that we've had a Rubik's Cube lying around The MTV Newsroom for months and nobody has come even remotely close to solving the thing (though at some point somebody managed to get all the blue squares on one side). Who came the closest out of all the MTV News staffers? It was Sway, who came awfully close to cracking the code (though not with the speed of Bieber).

So in addition to dominating the music charts and conquering your local cineplex soon, Bieber is also apparently a master problem and puzzle solver. He should totally challenge Big Blue to a chess match.