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RUBIK'S CUBE Movie Making Rounds in Hollywood

Author:China Magic Cube Time:2010/11/19

I would imagine since its debut in 1974, Ernő Rubik's “Magic Cube” has sent its fair share of suitors away in a burst of frustration.  Fast-forward almost forty years later and the Rubik's Cube is now poised to piss off a brand new audience – moviegoers.  According to What's Playing, Creative Artists Agency (or CAA) has acquired the film rights to the popular stress release and is currently shopping the property to various producers/studios.  Given that someone is willing to develop a script, CAA claims that one of their better-known clients (George Clooney? Meryl Streep?) would be interested in starring in the film.

Of course, it's no secret that Hollywood loves churning out branded remakes with hopes they will strike a nostalgic chord with audiences.  Examples of this can be easily provided via Peter Berg's Battleship and Ouija (who could forget innocent nights spent summoning dark spirits of the underworld?) both looking at 2012 releases.  That said, if studios are interested in sparking my memory of the puzzle cube, I'm going to have to propose the script have something to do with people attempting to solve it for approximately 15-20 seconds before either A) quitting so as to play Super Nintendo or B) trying to find new and inventive ways to break the damn thing for being such a pompous asshole.  Ah, those were the days.

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