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Puzzle Solution

Rubik's Cube for beginners tutorial to see the article must see!

Author:China Magic Cube Time:2010/11/15

I learned to play the Rubik's cube has more than 3 years time, during which contact with a lot of friends on the cube of interest, most of them can not learn to look up tutorials, someone explain for the job but if you do not have people to guide, can only look at tutorials, no alternative but to let go?

In fact, I believe that friends are more than 95% can be learned to look up tutorial (except understanding tolerance), the problem is too many people are too impetuous, or start their own lack of confidence, perhaps, there their brains were too lazy to it.

Cube difficult to learn that it is hard to say it is easy, in fact, very easy. Difficult, because you do not have contact with Rubik's Cube, where the law does not know it, you do not even know, you turn it one or two causes so what kind of effect. It easy to learn, because once you can understand where the law of nature, Rubik's Cube is a matter of course for the Institute.

Cube you want to learn the most important thing: have confidence in yourself! In addition, Cube and enthusiasm is also very important.

Look for a tutorial cube before it, otherwise, even if you have great faith that they have re-estimated it is difficult to succeed.

Learn when to calm down, calm to think.

Correctly grasp the rotating cube representation of each layer (usually the beginning of a note in the tutorial), which is the foundation of the foundation. High-rise buildings, is with deep roots underground, learning cube is the same, you only ensure that the correct code (on the post - like the characters plus notation or UR 'like the English letter notation) of the cube into rotation, in order to keep learning, otherwise every time you follow the tutorial, when the formula to do, get a Rubik's Cube is completely shuffled in front of a one-time efforts will be destroyed!

That tutorial is right, everything inside the cube tutorial right forum, if not the author himself or has been pointed out that the cube will restore the error, then the tutorial is usually correct.

If you do according to tutorial said, but the results appear in the description with the tutorial not the same as what you usually wrong, this time, you should do is check yourself what went wrong, rather than suspected tutorial error, error There are two main reasons, one of which rotates upside down in a step good or bad times, missed a step or do the other reason is that your cube placed in the wrong direction.

Even so, do not doubt his ability, more careful, be patient, you will eventually succeed!

Select tutorials to see those pictures more and more, would be more intuitive, helps to understand, if there is a better animation, followed by the animation can not be absolutely wrong.

We should dare to try their own ideas to cube to achieve, do not be afraid of failure, not the phrase Failure is the mother of it? Failed to face the kind of thinking is wrong, you can avoid doing so, if that idea is feasible, then you get a good sense of accomplishment

Do not fully understand the force, can not understand, just memorize, after the familiar, and naturally can understand. There is a saying like this: Remember that is equal to understanding.

As long as you Kensi test, as long as you are willing to ask, as long as you are willing to adhere to, you can learn, and even have a good time!

Now look white beginner tutorials, they feel poorly written to the first is not recommended for everybody